Five frazzled women with nothing in common seek some fucking peace and quiet in a shabby DC library.

v5 Productions

Washington, DC-based v5 Productions creates comedic content including web series, video shorts and feature length screenplays. Principals are (from left to right in photo):

CAROLINE MICHAEL OSBORNE is a NYU Film Grad, Film/Video Editor, Interactive Producer, Award winning Web Innovator, Screenwriter, Improv Actor, Mom. She's tired, but game.

ROSANNA MAIETTA is a former hack and current flack. She used to live in Italy but is now, sigh, a States'-side "Sports Widow" writing from the sidelines.

MADDY GLIST is a TV producer and writer, always in search of adventure, but somehow finding a dirty mini-van and loads of laundry instead. She aspires one day to have her caption chosen in the New Yorker cartoon contest so she can once and for all prove to her husband she's funnier than he is.

PAIGE BALDWIN is a web series producer, award-winning writer, editor and photojournalist. She gets her creative edge -- and the occasional ulcer -- from her teenage daughters.

JULIE KIRTZ is a recovering DC-based TV reporter. She currently works as a writer, editor, storyteller, and short-order cook.

The Biscuit Factory


Director MOLLY HERMANN is a producer/director/writer whose work has taken her from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to a Casablanca mosque, from red rock Utah canyons to the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. And to a DC public library.

Director of Photography ROB LYALL's stunning images in film and high-definition formats have appeared in series such as National Geographic’s Explorer, Discovery Channel’s Extreme Engineering, PBS’ NOVA, as well as short form and feature length projects like the Academy Award-nominated film Spellbound.

Together, their award-winning work has aired on PBS, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, Discovery Health, Discovery Science, The History Channel, HBO Original Films, Smithsonian Channel, BBC, and now the Internet.